Indradhanu is a program basically consisting of light music. The students/teachers from sargam presents this program. The hindi/Marathi songs are accompanied on instruments by the students & teachers from sargam itself. Various songs are prepared/ practiced by the teachers having same special talent in the class itself.

This program is also presented on demand for any function/program if required.
Masik Sabha is conducted on the last Sunday of every month. It is open for all students and parents. In this sabha, students from madhyama prathama (4th level)

And above level are given a chance to perform in front of people. It gives a practice to the students, regarding stage performance, presenting yourself in front of a crowd, and also makes the performing student aware about his own ability (tayari/riyaaz).
The annual function is held every year around the third week of December. Every student and teacher gets a chance to participate in this event. Around 1 – 1 ½ months before the actual event, the preparations take place in the regular class itself. This event is based on total team work. Many guests are invited to witness this event. This event is open to all people and the family members of the students.

Trophies are awarded to the students securing 1st rank in the exams conducted every year. Each program is accompanied by the students itself on table & harmonium. In this way the students get chance for accompaniment too.

1 - Sargam Puraskar

The Sargam Puraskar is given every year during the annual function to a teacher from the Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay. It is basically a token of appreciation for the work and efforts put in by the teacher whole round the year. The directors of the Institute judge the teachers over all performance all round the year with respect to his punctuality, teaching skills, and overall conduct and contribution towards the development of the Institute.

2 - Sau. Varsha Tai Godbole Smruti Purskar

Sau. Varsha Tai Godbole Smruti Purskar, this purskar will be conferred to a scholar artists who is actively working in the field of teaching & performing also. Who is instrumental in Prachar & Prasar of Hindusthani Classical music.