• Classical Vocal Sugam Sangeet & Baalgeet vibhag.
  • Instruments include – Tabla , Harmonium, Synthesizer & Sitar
  • The total students capacity is 200 for vocal, 200-250 for instrumental.
  • The course is conducted in batches. Maximum students per batch is 10 to 12 for vocal and 10 for instrumental.
  • We provide personal attention in the class, we conduct parents meetings time to time.
  • The Course can be joined at any time within a year
  • Admission rights are reserved to the management.
Course Eligiblity
  • All Males [only for instrumental music] and females interested in Hindustani Classical Music of the age above 6 years for vocal & instrumental. For future course, certificate of passing the examination of previous course is essential.
  • Pre-Prarambhic – considering the youngsters, we have started 2 years course based on the age group. 4 to 6 age group ‘A’ and 6 to 7 age group ‘B’ category.
Course Timings
  • Batches are conducted at Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Mayur Colony, Kothrud in between
Monday, Wednesday (evening) 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Tuesday, Friday(evening) 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Saturday Batch (morning) 9.00 am to 10.30 am
Saturday Batch (evening) 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Sunday Batch (morning) 9.00 am to 12.00 pm
Sunday Batch (evening) 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Each batch is of 45 mins.
Rules & Regulations

Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Pune

  • Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Pune conducts music exams in July of each year.

    Dates of submitting duly filled forms are as follows:

    Semester – End Form submission dates
    Last date Last date with late fees
    June 10th June 15th June
    Please ensure that forms are filled up completely. Incomplete forms will be rejected.
  • List of students appearing for exam and their duly filled forms along with examination fees should reach Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Pune, India minimum 30 days before the examination date.
  • Requirement for exams from Madhyama Pratham onwards are as follows
    • Attach a photocopy of passing certificate of previous exam to duly filled form. for Madhyama Pratham.
    • Attach a photocopy of passing certificate of previous exam to duly filled form and for Madhyama Purna.
    • For practical exams of Madhyama Pratham of Tabla, accompaniment of Lehara is mandatory.
    • The candidate is not eligible to appear for two different subject (e.g. vocal and instrumental and/or Tabla) at the same time.
    • The minimum duration between two consecutive exams should be one year. Skipping any of the exams is not allowed.
    • Candidate should present one complete Raga of his own interest. This includes bada Khyal along with alap, boltaan and taan, chota Khyal with boltann and taan.
  • From Praveshika Purna onwards, exams are conducted in two parts practical and written. The candidate should pass both the exams then only he/she can appear for the next year exam. If the candidate fails in one of the parts he/she has to reappear for the same exam with both parts. This rule is applicable for exams from Praveshika Purna to Madhyama Purna.
  • From Visharad Pratham if student fails in practical/written but scores more that 50% in one of the passed subject, then he/she can appear for next year exam and can reappear for only failed subject of last year. But ‘No objection certificate’ of the director of the centre has to be submitted. In such cases full examination fees of failed subject needs to be paid.
  • The candidate has to submit photocopy of birth certificate for following exams. Madhyama Purna,Visharad Prathama and Visharad Purna.

    Age limit for the above exams is mentioned below-

    Name of the Exam Age (years completed)
    Madhyama Purna 14 yrs
    Visharad Pratham 15 yrs
    Visharad Purna 16 yrs
  • If candidate has passed Visharad Purna exam of vocal and wishes to appear

    For instrumental exams he/she can directly appear for Visharad Pratham exam of instrumental and vice versa.
  • A stundent who has completed B.A. (music), is eligible for Visharad Pratham exam.
  • Professional artists and music experts are also eligible for Visharad Pratham exam subject to the following
    • He/she must be a B+ grade Radio/Doordarshan artist.
    • The practical and written exam would be conducted at conducted concern centers & Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Pune.
  • Results & Recognition
  • Distribution of marks as follows.

    Name of the Exam Marks of written Marks of Practical Total
    Prarambhik - 50 50
    Praveshika Pratham - 100 100
    Praveshika Purna 50 100 150
    Madhyama Pratham 100 100 200
    Madhyama Purna 100 100 200
    Visharad Pratham 100 150 250
    Visharad Purna 100 150 250
    Alankar Pratham 150 350 500
    Alankar Purna 150 350 500
    Sugam – 1st year 50 100 150
    Sugam - 2nd year 50 100 150
  • Answer paper should be written by hand and computer print out is not acceptable.
Admission & Fees
Course Code Title of the Course Duration Fees (per month)
01 Pre Prarambhik - Rs. 600
02 Prarambhik 24 months* Rs. 600
03 Praveshika Pratham 24 months* Rs. 600
04 Praveshika Purna 24 months* Rs. 600
05 Madhyama Pratham 24 months Rs. 600
06 Madhyama Purna 24 months Rs. 600
07 Visharad Pratham 24 months Rs. 600
08 Visharad Purna 24 months Rs. 600
09 Alankar Pratham 24 months Rs. 600
10 Alankar Purna 24 months Rs. 600
11 Sugam 1st 12 months* Rs. 600
Sugam 2nd 24 months* Rs. 600
12 Synthesizer 1st 12 months Rs. 600
Synthesizer 2nd 24 months Rs. 600
13 Bala-Geet Group A (Age- 4 to 6) Group B (Age – 6 to 7) - Rs. 600
  • Courses are to be completed step-wise.
  • Admission is to be confirmed in person at Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay, Pune during the working days only.
  • Course fees are to be paid quarterly by cheque only, in favour of ‘Sargam Sangeet Vidyalay’ Pune. Payable at Pune.
  • Course Fee for the entire year is also accepted.
Our Faculty members

Teaching Staff

  • Smt. Lata Bhanage
  • Mrs. Madhura Godbole
  • Ms. Prachi Godbole
  • Mrs. Vaishnavi Talekar
  • Mrs. Amruta Kulkarni
  • Mrs. Suvarna Mokashi
  • Mrs. Sayali Bhate
  • Mrs. Suvarna Gogate
  • Mrs. Apoorva Deshpande
  • Ms. Tejal Mokashi
  • Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande
  • Mr. Abhijeet Kelkar
  • Mr. Swanand Jawalekar
  • Ms. Priyanka Joshi
  • Smt. Girija Erande
  • Mr. Adwait Abhyankar
  • Mr. Vishwajeet Godbole
  • Smt. Girija Erande
  • Ms. Prachi Godbole
  • Mrs. Vaishnavi Talekar
  • Ms. Priyanka Joshi
  • Ms. Manisha Pangule
  • Mrs. Madhura Godbole
  • Ms. Tejal Mokashi
  • Mrs. Prachi Phadake
  • Mr. Ganesh Marathe
  • Mrs. Vaishnavi Talekar
  • Mrs. Sayali Bhate
  • Ms. Manisha Pangule
    Mr. Ganesh Marathe